Equine Anti-Poaching aims to provide horses to units across the Eastern Cape of South Africa enabling them to enhance their capabilities and adding another tool to the fight against poaching.

There are many situations where having horses at your side may enhance what your team can already do. Horses can be used for a multitude of duties including fence patrols, scouting in poor weather conditions and extending patrols beyond the reach of vehicles.

Horses have the advantage of being a low impact ecological fit into a reserve and have been used historically across conservation, including during operation rhino, where rhino were often darted from horse back.

Horses also provide a tool to spark interest and further education on the rhino crisis, not just within the local community but further afield too.

The project is currently in its infancy, with a pilot project now in its late stages. We look forward to the opportunities that expanding the use of horses in anti-poaching will bring.

Keep posted for news of the pilot project and our first donor funded horses!

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